About Us

We are happy to present our experience and experience in the urban furniture and children’s play groups sector with the brand “Park world”. In our products, we synthesize the aesthetic practices and architectural perspective of our well-established civilization with today’s industrial applications.

Among our products, modern seating, outdoor seating potted groups, workout stations, panels, groups, outdoor aquariums, outdoor table tennis groups, urban equipment, games and fitness groups, and cast rubber floor coverings, water parks is located.

We keep the security element at the highest level in urban furniture and children’s play systems applications. With our products with environmental, natural, ergonomic, functional content, we capture world standards.Our products are designed and produced from 7 to 70 so that all our people can benefit at the highest level.

Our quality with our quality certificates and certificates when puts, energetic, dynamic and powerful we have a strong team with our new ideas and new projects, to sign with the accumulation of years of developing technology constantly renewing itself by combining with an understanding of aesthetics and safety, we continue to serve with our products that makes a difference.